Nokia struck an agreement with IT infrastructure company Kyndryl to extend a private 5G agreement by a further three years, while announcing plans to launch a joint laboratory to develop edge computing and connectivity services.

In a joint statement, the companies indicated the success of an agreement struck in February 2022 had led to an extension and they were now expanding the scope of the partnership to speed deployment of LTE, 5G and Industry 4.0 products.

The pair said they had completed more than 100 engagements with global enterprises across 24 countries covering advisory to full implementation.

Around 90 per cent of the companies operate in the industrial manufacturing sector in fields including petrochemicals, timber and utility/energy providers.

One major implementation was at a Dow Chemical plant in the US, where a private network was deployed to boost staff safety, provide remote audio and video services, and offer real-time processing.

Chris Johnson, head of Nokia’s global enterprise business, said the companies will now target “more enterprise customers across multiple industries”.

The pair’s plans for a joint innovation laboratory in the US in conjunction with cybersecurity player Palo Alto Networks involve developing IT convergence products, edge computing services and wireless network connectivity.

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