Chile’s antitrust court TDLC has dismissed an application from Movistar Chile (Telefonica) to suspend the forthcoming 5G frequency auction on grounds that the evidence submitted “does not amount to a serious presumption of the right being claimed.” Movistar had claimed that a suspension was needed to prevent the anticompetitive effects of a tender that “will be the subject of future legal action… filed against regulator Subtel.”

As a result, the tender’s schedule remains unchanged, meaning it is set to take place later this month. Sector watchdog Subtel recently amended the calendar for the tender of 5G-compatible spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band, delaying the opening of bid offers by nearly a month from 24 January to 20 February. 

Operators Movistar, Entel, ClaroVTR and Wom have all been authorised to submit bids for one to five 30-year concessions of no less than 10 MHz each (50 MHz in total) in the 3400-3600GHz range.

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