Georgia’s Communications Commission has approved an auction of 5G-suitable mobile spectrum in the 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz and 3.5GHz bands. At total of 24 lots will be auctioned off in phases between 16 August and 23 August. The regulator has announced four auctions for four combined abstract lots that differ in coverage obligations and price. The initial fee for the first combined lot will be GEL6.23 million (USD2.37 million), GEL2.53 million for the second, GEL2.59 million for the third and GEL2.65 million for the fourth.

Under the terms and conditions of the licences, successful bidders will be required to allow network access to MVNOs on fair and non-discriminatory terms, although one lot of spectrum is excluded from this obligation. In addition, spectrum licence winners be required to gradually cover densely populated areas of Georgia, as well as tourist areas, ports, airports, railways and main highways with 5G services over the next three to seven years. Companies seeking to participate in the upcoming tender are able to submit applications from 12 July until 28 July.

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