Japan’s NEC has announced that, working with mobile operator NTTDOCOMO, the two companies have launched proof-of-concept (PoC) testing to operate the vendor’s 5G core network (5GC) service in a hybrid cloud environment that utilises the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and end-to-end cloud-native network architecture. The three firms hope to use the PoC trial to establish the viability of cloud-native mobile networks leveraging a public cloud for network function virtualisation (NFV). In the press release, NEC noted that the PoC will ‘validate the energy efficiency and high performance that AWS Graviton2 processors can bring to NEC’s 5GC in the AWS cloud to achieve an energy-performance advantage over comparable solutions’.

‘We are excited to conduct this proof-of-concept with NEC’s advanced cloud-native 5GC and AWS’ innovative cloud infrastructure technology. We believe this collaboration will lead to the further evolution of networks and network virtualisation,’ said Naoki Tani, CTO and Executive General Manager of the R&D Innovation Division of DOCOMO, adding: ‘The PoC will realise a hybrid cloud environment for telecom operators, resulting in accelerating the telecom industry’s evolution by delivering significant value to our customers.’

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