One New Zealand retuned its entire 5G network following an allocation of 3.5GHz spectrum from the government, a move providing broader opportunities in streaming and fixed wireless access (FWA) services among others.

The operator stated it achieved download data rates of up to 1.4Gb/s in tests. It upgraded its network after receiving 80MHz of C-Band spectrum from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as part of a direct allocation in exchange for committing to invest in its networks in rural areas.

One New Zealand explained the upgrade involved a frequency switch and bandwidth expansion from 60MHz to 80MHz.

Head of mobile networks Thaigan Govender said the work “means faster social media, gaming and HD streaming”, along with increased data rates on FWA, boosting its credentials as an “alternative to fixed line broadband for some customers”.

Govender added One New Zealand is “excited about the continued technological innovation 5G is driving”, including private networks and edge computing.

The operator deployed 500 5G sites across New Zealand, with a few hundred more being built or upgraded in the next 12 months, Govender added.

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