The Commerce Commission has granted One New Zealand a regulatory clearance for its acquisition of Dense Air and its spectrum holdings, which will be deployed to boost the company’s 5G Network.

The acquired assets include two 35MHz blocks of 2600MHz, which will facilitate an enhanced mobile experience for consumers and expand mobile network coverage.

 “This win will help to put a rocket under our network, turbo boosting the experience for our customers who will enjoy faster upload and download speeds, more reliable connectivity and better coverage across the country,” said Jason Paris, CEO, One New Zealand.

The recent acquisition of Dense Air’s business is a component of One NZ’s strategic investments in its network infrastructure, representing one of several initiatives undertaken by the company.

One NZ remains committed to expanding and improving its network by building and updating numerous mobile sites annually to boost 4G and 5G coverage for its customers across the country.

Moreover, the company’s forthcoming collaboration with SpaceX presents further opportunities for advancements in communication technologies. This partnership aims to provide satellite coverage to smartphone users, leveraging the 4G spectrum.

Initial rollout is slated to begin with text messaging services in 2024, followed by the introduction of voice and data services in 2025, marking significant progress in expanding connectivity options for consumers.

Paris reiterated One NZ’s commitment to advancing services for its customers. “I look forward to our customers feeling the benefit of the new capacity as we switch it on, and we’ll keep working hard to improve our network for you,” emphasized Paris.

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