The GSMA reiterated calls for governments to prioritise making mid-band spectrum available for 5G, backing services using the frequencies to contribute $610 billion to global GDP by 2030 should sufficient allocations be available.

The lofty prediction was made by the industry association in itsSocio-economic benefits of mid-band 5G services report released today (23 February).

It forecast 5G spectrum in the mid-band range would drive a significant proportion of the $960 billion socio-economic value created by the latest network technology.

Among the areas the GSMA cited as having the greatest financial benefits are services including health and education, manufacturing and smart cities.

However, the GSMA warned $360 billion of the GDP growth expected to be fuelled by mid-band 5G could be lost if spectrum was constrained to levels currently available, noting as demand grows increased network congestion and deployment costs could “stifle” the technology.

It added network quality would suffer without sufficient spectrum, limiting 5G adoption and hampering its economic impact.

The report analyses the impact of various government spectrum policies on economic development strategies, which the organisation highlighted as a key area of its ministerial programme during MWC22 Barcelona, which runs from 28 February to 3 March.

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