Ooredoo Group and CK Hutchison have embarked on a new collaborative partnership to explore joint opportunities and drive synergies for the benefit of customers following the successful merger of their mobile operations in Indonesia in 2022. The two companies will focus on key areas such as roaming, procurement, and the development of advanced IoT and 5G services. These initiatives aim to upgrade the customer experience across markets by enhancing connectivity, reliability and service quality. 

In the area of international roaming, Ooredoo Group and CK Hutchison will work to increase traffic on their networks while prioritising quality of service. By improving response times and addressing issues affecting customers promptly, the partnership can potentially set new industry benchmarks in quality assurance. In procurement, the two groups will explore opportunities for synergy to drive business efficiency and optimise operations. Ooredoo Group and CK Hutchison will also collaborate on sharing best practices and exploring new IoT and 5G use cases, diversifying their customer offerings with cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet evolving needs. 

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