Malaysian operators CelcomDigi, Maxis, TM (Unifi Mobile), U Mobile, and YTLCommunications (Yes) have welcomed the government’s recent announcement on Pakej 5G Rahmah and Insentif Postpaid Rahmah Penjawat Awam in conjunction with Bulan Kebangsaan. The operators jointly announced they plan to support the government’s Ekonomi Madani framework through affordable connectivity and devices, in an attempt to narrow the digital divide. 

The Pakej 5G Rahmah and Insentif Postpaid Rahmah Penjawat Awam will be launched on 31 August. Customers can check their operators’ websites to see details on the available packages. 

The tariff plans to be launched by local operators will offer mobile data at 5G speeds, as well as 5G smartphones for a starting price of MYR 120 (USD 26), The Straits Times reports. According to Fahmi, the new Pakej 5G Rahmah offer is a device bundle plan, offering 60GB of 5G mobile data for a monthly fee of MYR 60. It will also come with either the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G or the Honor 90 Lite 5G for a single upfront payment of MYR 240.

Operators plan to start offering the Pakej 5G Rahmah plan from 31 August, on a 2-year contract, with a 2-year warranty for the devices. Customers that are part of the B40 community will be able to buy the bundled smartphone for MYR 120. This offer is available for the first 100,000 B40 customers.

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