Optus entered into a strategic partnership with ISP Pentanet to deliver cloud gaming services to customers, as the mobile operator targets an increased presence in the growing segment.

In a statement, Optus explained the tie-up with Pentanet was driven by the fact it viewed cloud gaming as “an emerging segment of the multi-billion-dollar global gaming market” and a key consumer use case for 5G.

Under the agreement, the companies will collaborate on improving user experience for Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, of which Pentanet has been the sole provider in Australia since 2021.

The partnership will also enable Optus customers to access the feature through its subscription platform and enable improved features through 5G.

“Our mission is to break down the barriers to gaming and offer our customers the freedom to play anywhere and anytime”, said Matt Williams, MD of marketing and revenue at Optus.

In-keeping with a strategy around gaming, the operator launched Game Path in 2020, a subscription service designed to reduce lag and stabilise connections for PC gamers.

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