Ericsson and Orange Spain outlined a plan to work together on 5G private networks for the B2B segment, highlighting logistics, transportation and manufacturing as potential target sectors for the partnership.

The drive will see the pair combine to offer customised networks designed to serve specific enterprise use cases, such as real-time automation to deliver improved productivity and higher levels of worker safety.

Ericsson explained the deployments will use its 5G core technology and Orange’s 5G standalone network with dedicated network functions supported at the enterprise’s facility. As part of the deal with B2B customers the operator will manage the private network.

The two claim the partnership is the first of its kind within the Spanish market.

Orange Spain CTO Monica Sala said tailored private networks could “empower businesses to embrace new opportunities and gain a competitive edge in their industries,” adding the infrastructure would offer “enhanced security, real-time automation and unmatched customisation”.

Ericsson Iberia head of cloud software and services Luisa Munoz noted companies would be able to streamline operations and cut costs to make the businesses more efficient.

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