Orange Spain announced the first of a number of demonstrations of 5G technology to be conducted at its stand during MWC22 event in Barcelona from 28 February to 03 March. The operator said it’s teaming up with Huawei, the iTeam institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and French startup Ender Ocean to enable visitors to control an underwater remote operated vehicle located 400 km away at Valencia’s Oceanografic oceanarium.

The demo held on 28 February will enable visitors to control the vehicle in the Valencia Oceanografic’s largest aquarium (7 million litres) by simply moving their hands, watching the resulting HD images of sharks and rays captured by the camera of the underwater device and an additional panoramic camera in real time on large screens in Barcelona.

Orange said the demo is designed to showcase the ultra-low latency of its 5G network and the potential applications of the technology in the exploration, research, monitoring, dissemination and conservation of underwater ecosystems, as well as in the collection of samples and plastic waste. 

The operator added that visitors to its stand will also be able to enjoy an immersive virtual reality journey through Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, exploring key milestones in the building’s history from its construction in the Middle Ages to its current restoration. 

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