A commission in the Swiss parliament has rejected requests from three cantons to suspend the roll-out of 5G networks. The Transpost and Telecommunications Commission in the National Council voted 21 to 3, with one abstention, to deny the requests from Geneva, Jura and Neuchatel cantons. 

This is in line with an earlier decision by the Council of States, the upper house of the parliament, in December 2021. The cantons are concerned about the potential health and environmental effects of 5G networks and specifically the use of mmWave spectrum. 

The requests were for a moratorium on (mmWave) 5G networks and setting up a national spectrum register. In addition, the cantons want more of a role in planning mobile network coverage and a preventive campaign on mobile phone radiation. 

The telecoms commission recommended the National Council not follow these initiatives. In a statement, it said the federal government had already taken sufficient measures to respond to the objectives, including the concerns about mmWave frequencies. 

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