Pivotal Commware has been steadily adding more markets to its Pivotal Turnkey roster, and today it announced that it’s expanding 5G millimeter wave coverage for a Tier 1 mobile network operator in Los Angeles.

The company didn’t identify the carrier, but its work with Verizon is well established and Verizon Ventures happens to be an investor in Pivotal.

In April, Pivotal announced its expansion into Atlanta and prior to that, it had expanded to Indianapolis.

In fact, since Turnkey’s appearance in Houston, the company said upgrades to its software were allowing Turnkey to model more multi-dwelling units (MDUs) for fixed wireless access (FWA) better and faster using fewer resources.

In a press release today, the company said that over the last two quarters the Pivotal Turnkey team has reduced go-to-market cycle time by 50% using process improvements in design, permitting and deployment.

How it works

Pivotal Turnkey is an end-to-end solution for planning and deploying services on existing mobile networks, explained Melroy Machado, Operations Director for Pivotal Turnkey, over email.

In Los Angeles, Pivotal Commware is set up to serve FWA subscribers using the Tier 1 mobile operator’s existing millimeter wave (mmWave) network infrastructure.

“Our engine effectively delivers customers back to the carrier through our products and partnerships, providing a faster and more cost-effective solution,” Machado said. “We don’t rely on fiber; instead, we extend signals over-the-air using Pivot network repeaters. This leads to quicker deployments and reduced costs.”

Citing confidentiality requirements with the operator, Pivotal Commware declined to disclose the specific number of repeaters that it deployed in the Los Angeles area. Turnkey is designed to perform at any spectrum, including C-band; in Los Angeles, it’s deploying Pivotal Turnkey at 28 GHz (n2610).

One of the value propositions of Pivotal Turnkey is partnerships across the U.S. that allow it to literally provide turnkey network planning, permitting and deployment on behalf of the mobile operator, according to Machado.

In-market partners, like Network Connex, have long, well-established relationships with local jurisdictions that accelerate time-to-market. “Network Connex has strong relationships with various city of Los Angeles entities that were valuable here,” he said.

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