Dell’Oro Group predicted 5G will surpass LTE as the dominant technology for private networks within the next four years, generating $1 billion in annual revenue for suppliers of RAN equipment by 2026.

Growth in the overall market for private wireless RAN equipment was weaker than expected in 2021, Dell’Oro noted, with enterprises slow to move from trials to commercial operation.

Dell’Oro found 5G awareness among enterprises was improving, but stated it will take time for companies to fully understand the value of private networks.

“We have not crossed the enterprise chasm yet”, Dell’Oro VP and analyst Stefan Pongratz told Mobile World Live. 

He noted availability of “more local spectrum” should help the enterprise market accelerate. Several European governments have made spectrum available for enterprise use and the US allows unlicensed use of Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum.

Pongratz highlighted public safety, manufacturing, defence and the utility industry as early adopters of private networks. He added healthcare, hotels, mines, ports, airports, schools and energy companies are also investigating the technology.

He stood by a forecast private RAN revenue would double between 2021 and 2026.

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