Proximus has announced that Durbuy has become the first municipality in the Wallonia region to be covered by its ‘real’ 5G network, using 3.5GHz frequencies obtained in the multi-band spectrum auction staged earlier this year. The operator had previously activated 5G ‘light’ services in the region in 2020, utilising its existing spectrum holdings within applicable cell tower non-ionising radiation standards, but was forced to deactivate the network after local authorities complained of inadequate consultation despite public unease over perceived health risks.

Although updated 5G emission standards and associated regulations still need to be adopted in Wallonia, Proximus has decided to activate the service in Durbuy at reduced power, in line with current limits. The operator stated it has no plans to enable 5G in any other locations in the coming weeks. ‘We are still hoping for an evolution of the standards as soon as possible in order to allow a wider and more efficient deployment of 5G in Wallonia,’ the company noted.

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