Spanish regional telecommunications provider R, owned by the Masmovil group, has activated the fixed-wireless access (FWA) service it launched last year in 76 new localities in rural Galicia, reports Expansion, citing the company’s director Alfredo Ramos. The service is offered via a Wi-Fi 6 router at speeds of up to 150Mbps via R’s 5G network in parts of Galicia yet to be covered by the company’s fibre network. 

A total of around 300,000 homes in 224 localities can now access the service, equivalent to 71.5 percent of Galicia’s total, including 75 localities in La Coruna, 46 in Lugo, 50 in Orense and 53 in Pontevedra.

The report added that R has also signed an agreement with Santiago-based wholesale operator Rede Aberta to access the latter’s neutral fibre network in the most remote corners of Galicia. A total of 200,000 homes in 86 municipalities can now sign up to R’s fibre plans via Rede Aberta’s network, said the report.

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