Namibia is preparing the launch of 5G. The country’s telecoms regulator has already awarded 5G spectrum and licenses to three companies. He also authorized them to test the technology until December 31.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) launched a campaign on Tuesday, November 28 to raise awareness among telecom consumers about fifth generation (5G) mobile technology. The initiative aims in particular to educate the public about ultra-broadband and its benefits while dispelling misconceptions and misinformation circulating about this technology.

“  Many reports have indicated that 5G caused Covid-19, but this is not true. 5G is safe and has no link to Covid-19 or human health  ,” said Emilia Nghikembua, Director General of CRAN. She added that several African countries have already adopted this technology which helps increase traffic volumes and improve the quality of user experience and ultimately bridge the digital divide.

Through this campaign, CRAN is preparing the ground for the commercial deployment of 5G in Namibia. The regulator has already put in place a strategy for the deployment of 5G. Last September, it awarded licenses and 5G spectrum to Telecom Namibia, MTC and Loc8 Mobile. These companies were immediately authorized to test the latest generation mobile technology until December 31.

Once deployed, 5G is expected to accelerate the Namibian government’s digital transformation ambitions. Ultra-high speed should notably facilitate the use of smart homes and buildings; smart cities; e-learning, e-government, 3D video, telemedicine, virtual reality and augmented reality, streaming, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT)…

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