Samsung Electronics claimed to have demonstrated the ability for mmWave 5G to address connectivity gaps after achieving record data rates over a distance of 10km in trials with Australian operator NBN Co.

The tests on NBN Co’s fixed wireless access (FWA) network used eight component carriers to aggregate 800MHz of mmWave spectrum along with beamforming technology. Samsung stated the companies achieved average data rates of 1.75Gb/s in the downlink and 61.5Mb/s up.

Peak downlink data rate clocked in at 2.7Gb/s.

Samsung used its 28MHz customer premise equipment in the trials, which combines a baseband, radio and antenna, and is compatible with all mmWave frequencies.

As the longest FWA connection recorded by Samsung using the 28GHz band, the company said the trials showcase the potential of using the spectrum for wider rural coverage.

NBN Co CTO Ray Owen explained in a joint release the results are “a significant milestone and demonstrate how we are pushing the boundaries of innovation in support of the digital capabilities in Australia”.

He added the operator will be among the first in the world to deploy mmWave “at this scale”.

Lee June-hee, head of R&D for Samsung’s Networks Business, stated the tests proved “the massive potential of mmWave technology and its ability to deliver enhanced connectivity and capacity for addressing the last mile challenges in rural areas”.

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