SFR Caraibe will introduce its 5G services in French Guiana as soon as the authorisations are published by telecoms regulator Arcep. The 5G network – operating in the 3.5GHz band – will debut in the municipalities of Cayenne, Kourou, Saint-Laurent du Maroni, Matoury, Remire-Montjoly and Macouria, providing population coverage of 53%. SFR will offer theoretical download speeds of 1.9Gbps over the network. Frederic Hayot, Managing Director of SFR Caraibe, said: ‘With the launch of 5G in Guyana, SFR Caraibe intends to maintain its leadership in terms of technological innovation enabling the development of new services for private and professional uses. Companies will be able to exploit data in extremely short timeframes and will thus be more agile, closer to their customers’ needs and more responsive to their markets.’ SFR’s new range of 5G packages will come with a data allowance ranging from 10GB to 250GB, with a starting price of EUR10.99 (USD12.2) per month. Further, users will have to pay an additional EUR3 monthly fee in order to be able to benefit from ‘the advantages of 5G with more speed, more responsiveness and more connectivity’.

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