SK Telecom (SKT) revealed Sinclair Broadcast Group selected its cloud-based broadcasting transmission platform based on mobile edge computing (MEC) technology to build a next-generation data distribution core network across the US.

In a statement, SKT explained its media edge platform virtualises transmission equipment by loading its MEC system with broadcasting software from Cast.Era, a joint venture formed in 2020 between SK Square and Sinclair Broadband.

The operator stated MEC sends and receives data to a cloud close to a consumer device rather than a central data centre, enabling central broadcasting stations to efficiently operate local systems.

Sinclair Broadcast separately noted it will use next-generation broadcast transmission standard ATSC 3.0 to provide a wireless backbone for IP data delivery.

It added the platform is designed to increase the value of spectrum for all broadcasters.

Ha Min-yong, chief business development officer at SKT, said it aims to “spread next-generation broadcasting service innovation to the world”, starting with the US through Sinclair Broadcast.

Sinclair Broadcast president of technology Del Parks said: “We will create new business opportunities in the US broadcasting market” using the media edge platform built with SKT and Cast.Era.

SKT and Sinclair Broadcast set up a joint venture in 2019 to develop ATSC 3.0-compatible services.

Sinclair Broadcast’s data distribution-as-a-service platform will also use India-based Saankhya Labs’ broadcast core network and wireless technology.

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