Singtel identified an opportunity to push digital applications for ship owners using AI, 5G and edge computing, after inking a deal to add connectivity through Starlink satellites to its range of products for the maritime industry.

The operator noted use of advanced technology in the segment could improve safety, create efficiencies and enhance crew wellbeing.

Its deal with Starlink involves the operator adding low Earth orbit broadband to its existing geostationary satellite offerings for the sector. Connectivity will be rolled into its wider orchestrated digital service designed for vessels branded iShip.   

Singtel Digital InfraCo CEO Bill Chang said in the complex maritime industry where large volumes of data are transmitted between thousands of terminals, ships and ports globally, it had “seen growing demands for faster, more resilient and low-latency connectivity as the industry starts to embrace digital transformation”.

He added the inclusion of Starlink is “part of our multi-orbit strategy to increase the resilience of satellite connectivity in the industry and to enable the rapid adoption of digital technologies”.

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