Singapore operator Singtel has started the private preview of Microsoft Azure Public MEC with Microsoft for selected enterprise customers. Announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the partners collaborated to incorporate Azure Public MEC into Singtel’s 5G network and Paragon, an all-in-one platform for 5G networks, edge computing and services orchestration, to help enterprises capitalise on 5G. 

By combining Microsoft Azure tools and Singtel’s 5G capabilities with Paragon, the two partners plan to enable customers to build and deploy use cases, leveraging 5G connectivity, edge computing, as well as a set of applications and Microsoft tools. Existing Azure cloud customers can come onboard the Azure Public MEC and use a combination of hybrid app deployments spanning across the edge and cloud, to deliver real-time AI and digital services powered by 5G, Singtel also said. 

Singtel also reports that the Paragon platform will enable enterprise customers to transmit data from their 5G devices to their applications hosted in the Azure Public MEC through secure and network performance-optimised network slices. The solution combines Singtel’s 5G network with Azure services by connecting Paragon with Azure Programmable Connectivity. This integration is expected to enable developers to create and manage new network-aware applications. 

Use cases that involve high degree of mobility like drones, autonomous vehicles, service robots, and delivery fleet can benefit from the ability to access the Azure Public MEC in a latency-optimised manner from any location within Singapore. It will also boost business capabilities in areas such as metaverse-based real-time simulations and live video analytics, Singtel added. 

Customers can provide and manage their Azure Public MEC services and workloads through the Azure portal and other essential Azure tools. Singtel is currently working with several customers to explore use cases to transform multiple sectors including smart city, public safety, transportation, health care, and urban planning. 

Enterprises that plan to co-create 5G services on the Azure Public MEC with Singtel can contact Singtel Business.

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