South Korean operator SK Telecom plans to launch mid-range 5G subscription plans for different customer groups, Korea Joongang Daily reports. Between 30 March and 1 June, SK Telecom will offer 25 new 5G subscription plans, including ones customized for younger and senior customers, to provide a total of 45 5G plans. 

Three new 5G subscription plans for users above the age of 65 will be available from 30 March. They include 10 GB of data per month for KRW 45,000 (approximately USD 35) for people aged 65 and above; 9 GB at KRW 44,000 for those 70 and above; or 8 GB at KRW 42,000 for users aged 80 and above. 

Four new mid-range plans that pair with the existing Basic Plus plan (KRW 59,000) will be available from 1 May. Customers will be able to add 13 GB of data per month for KWR 3,000; 30 GB for KRW 5,000; 50 GB for KRW 7,000; or 75 GB for KRW 9,000. These plans can be subscribed to for either a single month or multiple months. 

On 1 June, 18 new 5G subscriptions for customers aged 34 years old or below will be introduced. SK Telecom expects more than 6 million younger customers to take up these plans. New plans for younger users provide up to some 50 percent more 5G data than existing plans, and also offer 50 percent discounts at eight coffee brands and Lotte Cinema theaters once a month. 

Younger users can now subscribe for additional 5G data for both data sharing and tethering. Previously, sharing and tethering data were available via separate plans.

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