Rugged handset maker Sonim Technologies announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include 4G/5G wireless and Wi-Fi data devices. Sonim will offer a range of mobile hotspots, USB modems and fixed wireless access (FWA) products under the category name Sonim Connect. The first of these products will be available later this year, with additional devices available in 2024.  

The company also announced new management appointments to help develop and market the business.

Sonim Connect solutions portfolio

The Sonim Connect family of wireless internet products includes features such as signal strength optimisation and built-in security protection. There are two mobile hotspots in the Connect portfolio, a premium and a value tier, to transform any location into a workspace with a secure and reliable internet connection. 

Sonim’s fixed wireless access gateways and routers provide point-to-point connections to ensure fast 5G Internet speeds in both home and office environments. Its single-point USB modem devices provide broadband internet connectivity and are suitable for professionals on the move or IoT applications in remote locations, such as kiosks and vending machines.

New management team

Sonim also announced new additions to its management team. Chris Yeatts was named Sonim’s SVP of Connected Solutions, after previously holding management positions at Inseego, WSA Distributing, Kyocera Wireless and Qualcomm. Simon Rayne, previously SVP and Managing Director for Inseego, becomes SVP and General Manager for the UK, EMEA, and APAC at Sonim.

Ian Renwick was named Senior Director of Product Management, leading the mobile hotspot business. He previously worked at Inseego and Novatel Wireless as Senior Director of Product Management and was Head of Global Product at Vix Technology. John Ross also becomes Senior Director of Product Management, leading the fixed wireless category, following previous roles at US Robotics, Motorola, Novatel Wireless, CalAmp, and Inseego. 

Finally, Anette Gaven was named Sonim’s VP of Marketing, responsible for product marketing, brand and corporate communications, and investor relations. Her previous leadership roles included marketing at Inseego, Telit and Novatel Wireless, along with consulting services for various wireless OEMs, ODMs and carriers.

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