Belgian full-service provider Telenet will begin upgrading its Tadaam broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) service to 5G from this month, reports LN24. The company is planning to replace customers’ 4G modems with 5G-capable devices for free, as soon as Telenet 5G coverage becomes available in their area.

Speaking to, Kristof Vanhuffel, Product Marketing Lead at Tadaam, acknowledged that the service has suffered from 4G network congestion and stability issues. ‘Some customers don’t have any worries, others don’t always get the expected service during periods of heavy 4G network demand,’ he said, adding: ‘With 5G we did not want to play on speeds (at this stage in any case), but we can guarantee our subscribers greater connection stability and lower latency.’ The company’s BFWA packages will remain unchanged following the switch to 5G, with customers offered a choice of three options providing maximum downlink speeds of 30Mbps for EUR40 (USD39.2) a month, 50Mbps (EUR50) and 100Mbps (EUR60). Customers with a Telenet mobile subscription will continue to benefit from a EUR5 per month discount.

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