Telenor Norway has announced the launch of new mobile subscriptions with unlimited data and including the new security services Orden and Nettvern+. Telenor will still include its Se Hvem, Nettslett, Min Sky and standard Nettvern security in every mobile subscription.

The new Basic Unlimited Data mobile subscription provides service at up to 200 Mbps for NOK 499 monthly, or NOK 399 for customers under the age of 30. There is NOK 100 off for each extra line under its family discount service, too.

The Medium Unlimited Data subscription costs NOK 599 per month, or NOK 499 for the under-30s, for service at up to 1 Gbps, achievable on Telenor’s 5G network. Again, the family discount is available.

The Unlimited Plus subscription offers up to 1 Gbps service via 5G, too. This costs NOK 699 per month (NOK 599 for under-30s) and the price includes two extra SIM cards. The family discount remains an option.

Turning to the new security functions, Telenor said Orden stores sensitive and important information that might be unprotected on the camera roll or in a phone’s notes, for example, said Telenor. Orden still lets customers share such information with those who might need it, such as to present BankID for identification.

Nettvern+ is an upgrade to the existing Nettvern service and adds an extra layer of security to stop people clicking on harmful links, Telenor said.

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