Australian mobile network operator (MNO) Telstra, in collaboration with Ericsson and Qualcomm, has reportedly set a new network download speed record of 5.9Gbps using a smartphone form factor mobile test device. In a press release regarding the development it was noted that the accomplishment had been achieved using Ericsson’s NR-DC software feature with downlink eight-component Carrier Aggregation (DL 8CC CA), in which eight contiguous carriers of 100MHz mmWave are combined with 100MHz of mid-band spectrum, resulting in higher data speeds on Telstra’s mmWave 5G network. Meanwhile, the development comes as the MNO prepares to launch its third mmWave-compatible device, the NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 Pro, in April 2022.

Iskra Nikolova, Telstra Network and Infrastructure Executive, claimed that the achievement demonstrated how the operator was constantly testing and evolving technologies to implement in their commercial network. ‘This time last year we pushed our network to a new top speed of 5Gbps, now, twelve months on we have added almost another Gigabit per second on top of that’, the executive was cited as saying.

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