Belgian software firm Tessares said it combined live 5G and fixed access networks at the Proximus headquarters in Brussels, dramatically lifting speeds. The company boosted a DSL line synchronised at 70 Mbps down and 10 Mbps to up to 550 Mbps down and 60 Mbps up. To achieve the results, the company integrated its Hybre Access software into a Sagemcom 5G outdoor router, with the Proximus residential gateway providing the fixed network connectivity and the Tessares hybrid aggregation gateway in the Proximus network giving the termination point for both networks.

The company said the technology will enable 5G hybrid access networks to deliver fibre-like speeds in areas waiting for fibre, or where fibre is not economically feasible. Proximus has previously said it expects around 5 percent of premises in Belgium will not be suitable for fibre. 

Tessares noted that 5G hybrid access can support 5-7 times the number of FWA subscribers with the same radio network investment, by offloading an estimated 86 percent of traffic that would otherwise be transmitted over the 5G radio network. The company has been working with Proximus for several years already on the hybrid fixed-mobile technology, including an investment from the operator in 2015.

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