Lebanese mobile operator Touch announced that the service availability rate on its network has been significantly improved under a plan agreed with the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT), and now exceeds 97% during the day and 99% at night, compared to 83% in July, despite the continued challenges regarding power supply in the country. Touch’s network also achieved a significant improvement in the quality of voice service, reaching a rating of ‘99% (excellent)’ compared to 72.78% in July, while the customer experience indicator in using cellular data increased to ‘87.7% (excellent)’ compared to 69% when the improvement plan with the MoT was launched.

Touch reported that it reduced the number of base stations experiencing ‘problems’ to 78, out of a total of 1,368 stations, satisfying the MoT-stipulated initial target of 80 problematic cell sites.

The cellco also publicised a live network technology test demoing 4G data speeds up to around 500Mbps and a 5G live test achieving 1.9Gbps, claiming a test-speed national record.

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