Intelligent connectivity powered by 5G is a key pillar for advancing industries in a modernized digital economy. True Corporation, a communication conglomerate in Thailand, leverages 5G as an enabler for digital transformation that can best deliver value to both the public and private sectors, as the country navigates its ongoing digital evolution to better lead in the digital economy.

5G drives carrier network transformation that enables unprecedented levels of connectivity and, with it, significant economic and social values. By the end of the year, global 5G connections will grow from 750 million to 960 million, of which Asia will lead in overall 5G development.

In an increasingly digital landscape, many countries have embarked on the inevitable journey to carve out roadmaps to further accelerate 5G deployment. Thailand, being a frontrunner in 5G in Southeast Asia, has forged ahead with its rollouts to yield a stellar 5G performance, ranking highly amongst other countries globally, in terms of 5G coverage and penetration.

Leveraging 5G high-speed connectivity, high reliability and low latency, True works with ecosystem partners to drive new opportunities for 5G industrial applications and growth – in alignment with the Thai government’s vision to transform the country into a regional digital hub.

Mr. Tanaphon Manavutiveth, the Co-Group Chief Commercial Officer of True Corporation Public Company Limited, shared that True provides quality nationwide 5G coverage spanning 77 provinces and operates across 7 frequency bands to provide suitable usage for a wide spectrum of enterprise applications.

ASEAN’s First and Largest 5G Smart Hospital 

Given that 5G is a catalyst for digital transformation, True plays a crucial role in positively disrupting industries, leveraging 5G to unlock new use cases, potentially impacting thousands of industries ranging from healthcare, retail, agriculture and robotics to smart cities.

At the height of the pandemic, True partnered with Siriraj Hospital, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission and Huawei to build Thailand’s first and largest public 5G hospital – a future-ready hospital that now serves as a blueprint for future smart hospitals in Thailand. Unveiled in December 2021, Siriraj Hospital’s 5G smart hospital solution utilizes 5G, AI and cloud computing to make healthcare more intelligent, convenient and efficient.

True deployed the first commercial 5G MEC for a smart hospital in Thailand and ASEAN to support real-time data processing, high data privacy and massive IoT and AI connections. This enables the hospital, which receives more than 10,000 outpatient visits a day, to deliver faster response times, patient monitoring, data collection, remote consultations and resource allocations.

5G smart ambulances – featuring 5G high-definition body cameras and augmented reality glasses –support 5G smart telemedicine with doctors in emergency rooms. Real-time communication with devices such as mobile monitor defibrillators and mobile CT scans, as well as access to blockchain-based personal digitized data records, enables remote consultations with doctors in emergency rooms and reduces diagnostic and preparation times.

An innovative 5G ER system offers smart vital sign monitoring to provide medical staff with AI-based adverse event early warnings and real-time remote patient monitoring. It is also capable of performing mobile ward rounds, consultations and examinations, AI pathology, remote surgeries, as well as 5G-connected remote consultations for post-hospital treatments.

To reduce frontline healthcare contact and workload, 5G unmanned vehicles are used for the first time in a Thai hospital to perform accurate and precise delivery of medicine and medical supplies within the premises. Smart pharmacy inventory management provides added ease in dispensing medication and also provides AI-driven demand forecasting and inventory management.

Prof. Dr. Apichat Asavamongkolkul, Dean at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, noted the use of 5G and AI to predict and personalize medical services, harnessing tech innovations to address public healthcare challenges including an aging population, medical staff shortage and rising consumer expectations. Establishing this smart services, smart treatment and smart management framework marks an important first step in reshaping public healthcare.

Thailand’s First Smart Station

Creating yet another first in Thailand and Southeast Asia, True’s latest commercial 5G deployment enables full 5G connectivity to Bangkok’s Krungthep-Apiwat Central Smart Station – unveiled in October 2022 as a smart transportation hub to promote equitable access to 5G to enhance the lives of everyday Thais.

True has deployed a virtual 5G private network over public network including MEC to deliver high-speed and low-latency data communication. An AI-based security system serves as the crux of the station to perform 5G-enabled tasks such as facial recognition and movement analysis, detect misbehaviors and anomalies, as well as hazards including smoke and fire.

Service robots – capable of deciphering and responding in both Thai and English – make scheduled rounds in the station to interact with passengers and provide travel information. In addition, automated wheelchairs equipped with high-definition cameras perform autopilot navigation in the station.

True 5G business success in these use cases sets a precedent for 5G network capabilities such as bandwidth guarantee, enterprise slicing, reliable provisioning and self-management to be integrated across more verticals.

Mr. Tawatchai Lerksumrand, Deputy Director of 5G Service and Innovations at True Corp., noted that the carrier’s 5G endeavors are ongoing, as it envisions delivering 5G across all verticals, with attention focused on three key industries: healthcare and wellness; industry applications; and intelligent city and security.  

Mr. Tanaphon Manavutivet noted that support from ecosystem partners such as Huawei provides critical digital tools for True to explore new business opportunities, expand its business scope and make a difference in key verticals that shape Thailand’s future economy. True Corp is committed to accelerating 5G technology and digital innovations to enhance infrastructure, foster sustainable industrialization and realize socio-economic growth.

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