Thai operator True has launched roaming services for Dtac and True subscribers in all 77 provinces in Thailand. Dtac and True recently completed their merger on the local market. The new company, called ‘True Corporation’, will combine the capabilities of Dtac and True to deliver connectivity, as well as 5G, AI and IoT services for Thai customers. 

Dtac subscribers can access roaming on True’s 2,600 MHz for 5G, while True subscribers can access roaming on Dtac’s 700 MHz spectrum for both 4G and 5G services. Subscribers will also have access to more Wi-Fi hotspots. 

According to a recent Dtac survey conducted in 51 provinces, customers of both Dtac and True have reported improved network experiences. In particular, Dtac subscribers who used True’s 2,600 MHz 5G roaming services saw an average of 400 percent faster service. Similarly, True subscribers using dtac’s 700 MHz 4G roaming services experienced more stable indoor coverage, as well as improved coverage nationwide, particularly in areas where they previously encountered network issues, with an average improvement of 50 percent in those problem areas.  

True Corporation, which now includes the True Move H and Dtac brands, seeks to expand its 5G network coverage to 98 percent of Thailand’s population by 2026. True Corporation, under True Move H Universal Communication (TUC) and Dtac TriNet (DTN), also is expanding its low-band spectrum, which includes 700 MHz, 850 MHz (with NT) and 900 MHz band frequencies, to cover more urban areas and improve indoor penetration in high-rise buildings. The medium spectrum, which supports both 5G and 4G services, utilizes the 2,600 MHz, 2,300 MHz (with NT), 2,100 MHz and 1,800 MHz bands to upgrade capacity in high-traffic areas. The company also uses the 26 GHz spectrum band for more specific use cases such as industrial estates and enterprise applications.

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