Angolan cellco Unitel has announced the launch of the country’s first commercial 5G service – a fixed wireless home broadband internet offering named ‘NetCasa’, initially covering customers in three zones of capital city Luanda, according to its online coverage map. Five NetCasa package options provide unlimited data volume at ‘guaranteed’ download speeds between 10Mbps and 200Mbps, and uplink in the range 3Mbps-20Mbps, with the additional choice of weekly or monthly (30 day) validity, or alternatively a twelve-month commitment is rewarded with one month’s free service. Installation is free, with the option of self-installation for indoor modem equipment, while the fastest data rates can be achieved using an external (outdoor) antenna. Depending on the package, between two and five Unitel mobile phone numbers can be linked to the NetCasa subscription to receive double tariff allowances on mobile data, minutes and SMS, with Unitel claiming another national ‘first’ by offering a converged fixed and mobile bundle. However, the mobile benefits initially only apply to seven-day mobile tariffs regardless of whether a NetCasa customer has subscribed on a monthly or weekly basis.

NetCasa monthly package prices start at AOA15,000 (USD29.70) for 10Mbps/3Mbps down/upload, ranging up to AOA125,000 for the premium 200Mbps/20Mbps package. The operator’s website indicates that 5G fixed wireless network coverage expansion is ongoing.

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