Uruguay’s Regulatory Unit of Communications Services (Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones, URSEC) has pushed back the date for the country’s 5G auction which was originally due to take place on 28 April, following a request from Claro Uruguay to extend the process. The regulator states the auction for 3.5GHz spectrum licences will now be held on 9 May, with interested parties now required to pay the initial deposit by 28 April. In total, three 1×100MHz lots of spectrum will be allocated: 3300MHz-3400MHz; 3600MHz-3700MHz (reserved for state-owned incumbent Antel); and 3700MHz-3800MHz. Each 100MHz spectrum package has a minimum initial price of USD28 million and will be valid for 25 years. Rollout obligations include a requirement to deploy 70 base stations within one year, with at least two base stations in a minimum of ten or more departments (excluding Montevideo) required within two years, and at least two base stations in each of the country’s 19 departments by the end of the third year.

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