Brazilian regional provider Veloso NET has teamed up with Huawei to deploy a mobile network in Amazonas. The Chinese vendor’s press release notes: ‘Huawei is working with local operator Veloso NET to deliver stable connectivity to over 30% of the unconnected population in the state of Amazonas.’ As per the Veloso NET website, the telco is now offering 5G SIM cards for sale.

The spectrum band being used to support the network is currently unknown. As per press reports, however, Mr Veloso is in the midst of negotiations with Ligga Telecom and Winity Telecom regarding access to their 3.5GHz and 700MHz spectrum holdings, respectively.

Founded in 2018 by Junior Veloso, Veloso NET offers fibre connectivity via a 3,000km backbone that connects the entire Amazon region, including Manaus, Tabatinga and Parintins.

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