Verizon and Doug Liman’s 30 Ninjas, in association with France-based immersive studio Novelab, announced at SXSW that they are working together on an augmented reality adventure thriller that will take full advantage of the power of 5G.

The result of this collaboration is Helios, a narrative mobile AR adventure that uses volumetric video (modern 3D holograms) to give end-users a new perspective on mobile entertainment. Helios will launch for Android and iOS 5G-capable smartphones this fall.

The 5G phone is the portal to the metaverse, Verizon said. Players move around an augmented version of their personal physical space (home, apartment, office, street corner) to hack “glitches” in their space. As the player hacks their way through the first level of information, they unravel more clues (audio, visual, and text) and discover the conspiracy goes even deeper. Once the glitches are hacked they will unlock more narrative.

Helios will deliver high-octane cinematic video content, augmented-reality puzzle-solving and game mechanics, and lifelike 3D AR characters that users can virtually interact with. The low latency and high-capacity of Verizon’s 5G network will enable seamless interactivity, fast download speeds, and high-quality visuals to invite the user into a truly immersive narrative.

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