Verizon combined 5G with AI-powered computer vision technology to provide US National Football League (NFL) fans with automated checkouts for food and beverage purchases, as the operator continued to build on technology deployments with the league.

The On the Fly service was launched in Lincoln Financial Field, the ground of NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles, and uses cameras, computer vision and AI to track purchases.

Verizon stated customers log their payment app or credit card when they walk into the stores and automatically receive a receipt for purchases when they leave.

It added there are benefits for stores’ supply-chain management alongside customer convenience gains.

Jonathan Nikols, SVP of global enterprise, Americas, Verizon Business, stated combining 5G with edge computing creates “smarter spaces that reduce transaction times and streamline the shopping experience”.

Verizon previously announced a collaboration with the NFL which included employing 5G-based facial recognition to verify attendees for access control and accelerated ticketing.

The operator also has a five-year contract with the NFL to provide a managed private wireless service for coach-to-coach communications across all 30 stadiums.

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