Mobile network operator (MNO) MTS Armenia (Viva-MTS) has heralded the launch of its 5G network. In a press release, the MNO claimed a ‘first’ for the nation and outlined its rationale for the development of the 5G network plus a progress report on 3G and 4G developments. ‘Recently, for the first in Armenia, we have launched 5G as an important precondition for digitisation. At the same time, the development of 3G/4G networks, the installation of new stations, especially in regions, including border villages, continues to be of strategic importance for us. These works include both the expansion of networks and the addition of capacities. The launch of new stations allows to increase the bandwidth of the network, improve the quality and speed of Internet access services, as well as further increase the quality of voice services,’ said Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian.

The MNO has been improving its service coverage and capacity in the capital Yerevan and across the regions. Since 2022, it has installed 61 new 2G base stations, 78 new 3G base stations, as well as 258 new 4G LTE base stations across the country and, currently, the 2G network is available to 99.3% of the population, 3G is available to 99.8% of Armenians, and its 4G LTE footprint now spans 99.3% of inhabitants.

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