Vodafone Germany has announced that more than 98% of households in each federal state are now covered by its LTE network with downstream rates of at least 100Mbps. In order to achieve this milestone, since 2019 the firm has set up more than 2,600 new mobile radio stations and upgraded a total of 3,700, enabling around six million people to access 4G services for the first time. This year, Vodafone installed 594 new LTE base stations nationwide and installed LTE technology at 460 existing cell phone sites for the first time.

Nationwide, the LTE footprint covers 99% of homes, while coverage of Vodafone’s 5G network, which comprises 36,000 antennas, has now reached 80% of Germans (over 65 million). Meanwhile, the firm’s 5G Standalone (5G SA, referred to by Vodafone as 5G+) network is available to more than 20 million people via 3,000 base stations with around 9,000 antennas.

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