Vodafone Germany said it has partnered with Sony to test 5G connections in Sony’s electric car unveiled at CES, the Vision-S. The car was tested in the Vodafone 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven and, for the first time, moved without a driver. The electric car was equipped for the test with a special 5G antenna to receive the signals directly from Vodafone’s network. 

The partners aim to make remote control of the Vision-s safe and as easy as possible for users. Vodafone and Sony started the first 5G tests with the Vision-s in the 5G Mobility Lab last spring. At that time, the partners wanted to establish a permanent and stable data connection between the car and the 5G network, even with the electric car moving at high speed and if data connection switches between different 5G antennas. Vodafone and Sony have optimized the interaction between the mobile module built into the Vision-s and the 5G antenna. 

Further 5G tests in the 5G Mobility Lab are planned in a few weeks to test a number of 5G applications in live conditions. Sony wants to use 5G, for example, to update the software in the electric car at any time to activate new services and technologies.

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