Vodafone Spain said it has teamed up with six other companies to install a 5G SA Mobile Private Network (MPN) at Ford’s production plant in Almussafes in Valencia. The initiative, backed by EU Next Generation Funds provided by Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation, will enable Ford to optimise production processes at the plant as well as those of its suppliers.

Specifically, the car company will be able to obtain early validation of components, functionalities and software via the collection of data through still images or videos that will be processed at the edge of the Vodafone-supplied network. Advantages include being able to temporarily halt the assembly line if an error is detected, minimising the economic and environmental impact.

In addition, the system harnesses RPS (Radio Positioning System) techniques over 5G to enable real-time monitoring of components in the value chain using low latency technologies. It also employs Kinect sensors and the edge of Vodafone’s 5G network to minimise postural and ergonomic risks of operators and advising them to correct their movements.

Vodafone said the deployment is part of an R&D project called E-BEAT: ‘Research to create an Advanced 4P Digital Monitoring System (People-Process-Product-Plant)’ for the early validation of components, functionalities and software of the electric vehicle production process. 

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