Vodafone Germany has announced plans to roll out 5G services at more than 2,700 additional locations in the first six months of this year. The firm’s 5G network currently covers 80% of the population and is active at 12,000 locations via over 36,000 antennas. By mid-2023 a further 8,000 antennas will be added to the network. With regards to its 4G service, Vodafone says that almost 1,900 expansion measures are pending in the first half of the year to set up new base stations, carry out modernisation work and install additional LTE antennas at existing stations.

Vodafone has also outlined its fixed network expansion plans; together with Altice, it will kick-start its alliance to supply up to seven million households with fibre-optic connections over the next six years, subject to regulatory approval.

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