Zain KSA and Huawei have signed a strategic cooperation MoU for the 5.5G City joint innovation project. The MoU was signed during MWC. Under the MoU, both parties will work together to promote technological innovation for 5.5G evolution and expand scalable offerings to individual, enterprise, and government customers. Additionally, they will strengthen the digital infrastructure and build a global 5.5G evolution pioneer network.

Zain KSA and Huawei will collaborate to enhance technological innovation, improve user experience, and develop new use cases. The collaboration will involve providing a seamless gigabit experience in both indoor and outdoor scenarios through the large-scale deployment of Meta AAU and 5G carrier aggregation, as well as LampSite digital indoor equipment. Additionally, initiatives will be taken to enhance the performance of Massive MIMO networks and to develop end-to-end autonomous network operation and optimization capabilities. Both parties will also work together to develop new use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) and private networks. The partnership will explore innovative cooperation in areas such as ultra-compact sites and green energy solutions, among others.

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