ZTE joined peer Huawei in questioning the justification for the European Commission’s (EC) assertions against it, citing a lack of evidence, and calling for fair and objective treatment.

In a statement sent to Mobile World Live (MWL), ZTE responded to comments from EC authorities last week which called for European Union members to clamp down on so-called high-risk vendors in 5G networks and justified action against Huawei and its domestic rival as being compliant with guidelines.

As part of this, the EC announced it will avoid providers using Huawei or ZTE in its own procurement of communications services.

ZTE told MWL the proposed actions were “unfortunate and do not appear to be based on any specific articulable concerns” noting it “strongly agrees that the safety and security of 5G networks in EU member states is of essential importance”.

It explained its “products are secure and comply with all technical and regulatory standards in EU member states”.

No evidence has been presented to date that would suggest otherwise,” it added stating its “only request is to be treated fairly and objectively by regulators and legislators, just like any other vendor”.

The company added it is committed to transparency and welcomed external assessment of its products by regulators and technical bodies at any time.

ZTE’s comments follow a similar tone to Huawei, which claimed singling it out as a “high risk vendor” lacked legal basis and “is against the principles of free trade”.

Huawei also maintained its products are secure and questioned the evidence for actions and comments being made.

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