Cenerva and University of Strathclyde, a world-renowned academic institution, announce a new partnership to offer an MSc in Communications, Technology Policy & Strategy. This cutting-edge programme will equip students with the practical knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the dynamic and evolving telecoms sector.

Designed for regulatory professionals who are prepared to address policy, competition, and market regulation issues across several sectors, especially in communications and technology. This unique taught/trained MSc programme will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the economic, legal, and public policy aspects of regulating markets. It will also equip students with a thorough understanding and accompanying practical skills in communications, technology policy and strategy.

The programme will be delivered via a hybrid approach, with a mixture of lectures, seminars, and online activities. The cross-faculty structure of the programme will provide a multi-disciplinary aspect, better-equipping students for a boundary-spanning career and exposing them to different approaches and contexts for the telecoms sector.

Students can study towards a postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma or the full Masters in Communication, Technology Policy & Strategy. In addition, the TRMC programmes offered by Cenerva are recognised as credits towards these academic programmes administered by Strathclyde, giving the option to continue studies and receive a formal qualification.

The programme covers essential topics, including the practice of telecoms regulation and governance, theories of economic methods of regulation, communication and radio access networks, 5G systems, telecoms media and technology markets regulation, cyber security and secure network design, along with a range of elective choices in consultancy and strategy.

“We are delighted to partner with the University to offer this exciting new programme,” said Prof H Sama Nwana, managing partner at Cenerva. “Our combined expertise will provide students with practical knowledge and skills they need for a successful career in the telecoms sector.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Cenerva and bring our academic expertise to this programme,” said Phil Considine, Director of Strathclyde Executive Education and Development (SEED). “We believe this programme will provide students with a well-rounded education and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in a dynamic and evolving industry.”

The MSc in Communications, Technology Policy & Strategy will be accepting applications for the upcoming academic year.

Upcoming TRMC Programmes

Regulatory TRMC

The Regulatory TRMC provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the principles, practice and real-world use cases of telecommunications regulation and examines topical regulatory issues.

Taught by experienced regulatory practitioners, this Regulatory TRMC is an ideal introduction to telecoms sector regulation.

Next courses:

17 to 21 June 2024 Residential – Bath

2 to 6 September 2024 Residential – Bath

October 2024 Virtual – Online

spectrum trmc

Spectrum TRMC

This course covers modern spectrum policy and management for regulators and operators worldwide, along with the role of the ITU and the three ITU Regions.

The course is a balance of spectrum law, economics and engineering. On completion of the course, participants will be able to engage with peers at all levels and of all disciplines to discuss and set spectrum management strategy and develop spectrum management methods for their organisations.

Next courses:

9 to 13 September 2024 Residential – Bath

Cybersecurity and data trmc

Data Regulation & Cybersecurity TRMC

The course provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the principles and models of data privacy, protection and security. It covers regulations, laws and technologies. Taught by experienced data practitioners, this TRMC is an ideal exploration for anyone involved in data security and privacy regulations and technologies.

Next courses:

24 to 28 June 2024 Residential – Bath

Executive Digital Economy TRMC

Executive – Digital Economy TRMC

The Executive TRMC provides delegates with in-depth knowledge of the ‘hot’ contemporary topics of telecommunications, media and technology regulation, a sector in rapid transition leading into new regulatory areas including 5G, OTT, cybersecurity, blockchains, big data, data protection, privacy, etc.

It is ideal for those who have taken the Regulatory TRMC or those with years of experience in telecommunications regulation.

Next courses:

March 2024 Virtual – Online

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