Communications consultancy Cenerva today launched its innovative Flexi Support regulatory/ policy service

The dynamic global ICT landscape creates an increasingly broad range of mission critical regulatory challenges for the ICT industry. Policy-makers and business leaders are under intense pressure to keep pace.

Cenerva can help. Through its global network of over 150 regulatory, technical and legal experts, Cenerva can provide immediate access to specialists who can respond to almost any regulatory question.

Cenerva Flexi Support is available to Regulatory Authorities, Network Operators and Service Providers to provide quick answers to any regulatory question, or integrated temporary support to cover workload spikes or staff absences.

Cenerva Flexi Support gives you:

  • Flexibility to meet regulatory resourcing needs
  • Agility to respond to challenging regulatory issues
  • Expertise on the full range of regulatory questions
  • Global insight tailored for local markets
  • Immediate access to respected regulatory and technical experts

Cenerva Flexi Support offers a range of regulatory support options tailored to meet individual client needs and budgets, including:

  • Pay Per Use
  • Monthly Flexi Support
  • Temporary In-Country/ On-Site Specialists

Speaking at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Cenerva Managing Partner, James Wild said:

“From our work across the world, our regulator and operator clients, both large and small, tell us how difficult it is to keep up to date on the broad range and pace of developments in the global regulatory landscape. They also find it difficult to get immediate access to specialist regulatory advice for the range of day to day policy issues they encounter or to meet their changing workloads.

Through our global network of over 150 regulatory specialists, we have been advising our clients on an ad hoc basis for several years. It is clear there is a strong demand.

We are proud to launch the World’s first truly flexible policy advisory service which we believe combines access to global policy experts and insight through a variety of affordable options”.

To download details of the Cenerva Flexi Support Service, us via

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