Communications consultancy Cenerva today published its report on Over The Top (OTT) services.

The growth of OTTs in this decade has been spectacular. Consumers all over the World use communications services like WhatsApp and Skype, and stream or download movies and TV programmes from Netflix and Amazon every day.

This growth has far reaching consequences:

  • OTTs have increased service availability and choice to consumers
  • OTTs have disrupted the business models of the established players in communications and entertainment markets.
  • In many cases OTTs compete directly with regulated communications services, but OTTs are generally unregulated.
  • Demand for OTTs is driving the need for investment in network capacity to provide a reliable and high quality consumer experience.

Speaking at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Cenerva Managing Partner, Professor H Sama Nwana said:

“OTTs are changing the communications and entertainment industries fundamentally. Industry players, policy makers and regulators must consider these changes, and decide whether regulation also needs to change to ensure that consumers benefit fully from innovation quality and value, and that competition can thrive.

Our Report examines the emergence and explosive growth of OTTs, describes the policy debate, and discusses the approaches regulators may take to meet the objectives of fair competition and consumer protection”.

To download the Cenerva OTT’s Report, please visit the Cenerva website or contact Chris Taylor via



About Cenerva

Cenerva is a specialist communications consultancy. We help our clients address the challenges of the digital society.

  • We provide world class support through our regulatory advisory service
  • We deliver bespoke project-based consultancy, which combines local focus with global insights.
  • We offer capacity building through our regulatory training service.


OTTs are services or content provided to consumers on the open Internet.

Cenerva’s OTT service

Cenerva’s experts are engaged in the debate around the World. We offer bespoke advisory, technical and training solutions to help our clients maximize the opportunities and manage the risks of OTTs, including:

  • Evaluating the economic impact of OTT services.
  • Providing insight into practices and experiences globally.
  • Provision of options and recommendations to our clients to address OTT policy issues.
  • Technical assistance to support impact evaluation and policy development.
  • Assessing local legislation against the dynamic global OTT regulatory landscape.
  • Training, and sharing of expertise and international best practice.

To discuss OTTs or any other requirement with Cenerva, contact:

Chris Taylor
+44 7957 809 667


Justin Le Patourel
+44 7956 845 673

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