Sad to read of the media furore publicly criticising the Bangladesh mobile number portability service and the BTRC.

The issues that have been reported suggest that the original implementation programme run by the operators was very poorly executed.

It is a great shame the public credibility of the Bangladesh mobile number portability service and the BTRC are being damaged by the public infighting between the different stakeholders being fuelled by the media.

Basic avoidable mistakes but who is to blame? The Bangladesh operators, the BTRC?

· Poor public awareness/ education.
· Disruption to incoming international SMS traffic especially social media validation/ authentication messages.
· Lack of Cooling Off facilities.
· Etc etc

Reputation of MNP in Bangladesh has clearly been damaged publicly with woeful mobile porting rates of around 0.6% of the subscriber base compared to between 3% and 4% in the neighbouring markets of India and Pakistan where number portability has been much more successful.
Cenerva is proud to have written to the BTRC Chairman offering our expert support from over 40 markets worldwide.

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