Are You Leading Your Industry into a Digital Transformation or Being Left Behind?

The world needs regulation fit for the digital age. To foster competitive, secure, inclusive and ethical digital economies, we need to provide adequate rules for our technology.

Regulation of the telecoms sector will need to drive radical changes to adapt to the rapidly changing national and global ICT landscape to maintain a level playing field for all players in this new era.

Digitisation and globalisation bring growth and connectivity – something that has been more important in recent times than ever.

The telecommunications sector is at the forefront of a sweeping digital transformation that has left virtually no aspect of consumer life and commerce untouched.

New rules for the digital world

Maintaining a fresh perspective on the global and national ICT landscapes and emerging external threats and opportunities is vital to steering the organisation’s strategies, by taking an outward-facing and consumer-centric perspective, monitoring trends in consumer demand, sector innovation and competitive challenges.

For the CXO or board member, challenges and opportunities abound. Uncertain market conditions are forcing stakeholders to rethink their fundamental business models and develop strategies for organic growth as well as inorganic growth.

Cenerva Executive TRMC faces these issues and challenges head on

Cenerva has developed a unique programme. Designed by practitioners for practitioners and led by a team of expert presenters from across the globe, the Cenerva Executive TRMC brings together C-Level and board members from within the telecoms industry to debate and shape a strategic approach for regulatory adaptation in this key sector.

Responding to the ever-evolving market environment will require innovation, customer focus and organisational agility to successfully navigate emerging opportunities and challenges such as:

  • 5G – surrounded by hype and myths and requiring massive investment in networks. How will this technology transform the industry?
  • Blockchain and mobile financial services: a winning combination or is it time to move on from the blockchain hype?
  • With cybercriminals, thieves and tax evaders becoming more sophisticated as they exploit the latest advances in technology, how to balance innovation with security? If the nation’s energy grid is on the internet, how do you secure it? How are we moving towards global cybersecurity and privacy policies? These criminals have no borders, so why should we give them one?
  • How effective is self-regulation for the over-the-top (OTT) platforms? Can these global filibusters be held to account locally? Does more need to be done?
  • With huge advancements in AI, how will policy and regulation need to adapt? How do policy and regulation work when machines and bots are making decisions?

If you are interested in attending or would like more information about this or any of our programmes, please contact Iain Williams by email at or call/WhatsApp on + 44 7580 010676.

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