The world of telecommunications, media and technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. As an executive in the Telecoms, Media & Technology sector or with an interest in such matters, it’s essential that you have up-to-date knowledge.

Regulators and operators are faced with new challenges every day as market changes are driven by technological innovation and shifts in consumer demand.

Some of the topics professionals in this market are facing are:

➡️ OTTs – can these global filibusters be held to account locally?

➡️ Successfully navigating the data regulation and cybersecurity maze?

➡️ 5G-myth or revolutionising universal access to agile and high-performance broadband services?

➡️ Blockchain – a technology-seeking application?

Are you sufficiently up to date on the latest global communications issues and market developments?

Learn from the experts

The Cenerva Executive TRMC addresses these burning issues by inviting globally recognised experts to present specialist and compelling master classes in cutting-edge regulatory areas.

Designed for those with experience as regulators, or those who have attended the Regulatory TRMC, this programme has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of key issues in this fast-moving and increasingly complex sector.

An engaging learning experience

A key USP of the programme is the focus on identifying, debating, and addressing global hot regulatory topics and issues that are driven by the incredible pace of technological evolution and dynamically increasing consumer demands and expectations from high-quality ICT services as a key part of their lives.

For experienced regulators

This programme is intended to provide senior executives of national regulatory authorities and operators, an in-depth as well as a strategic understanding of global market regulation best practices, that can be implemented to optimise economic and consumer value.

For those who have completed the Regulatory TRMC

The Cenerva Regulatory TRMC provides a high-level view into the broad range of technical, legal and regulatory functions that a national regulatory authority is responsible for, and is intended for students who are new to regulation or need to understand a broader view of the responsibilities and roles of a national regulatory authority.

The Cenerva Executive TRMC Builds on the base regulatory/policy foundations and provides a more detailed insight into specific advanced economic and legal regulator activities and functions.

Furthermore, the Cenerva Executive TRMC considers and debates the global hot topics and challenges that impact all national regulatory authorities and operators, for instance, net neutrality, national regulation of global OTTs, or convergence across regulated sectors.

Book now for September

Next scheduled for September 2021, this advanced online programme has been developed by very knowledgeable ex-policy regulators who continue making major contributions to the industry. You will get insights into regulatory and enforcement activity, along with commentary on key trends from experts.

The course will be delivered via an online platform with professional facilitation, making the learning more accessible and convenient. You will learn what it takes to be successful in this field through interactive presentations that include case studies.

The Executive TRMC covers the following areas at a more advanced level than our other programmes:

• Telecommunications, media and technology overview
• Introduction to the law and economics of regulation
• Economic regulation and competition policy
• Consumer protection and policy
• Introduction to networks
• Internet governance
• Spectrum management and economic regulation
• Universal service and related issues
• Net neutrality
• Over the top services
• Online content regulation
• Mobile virtual network operators regulation
• Cybercrime
• Financial inclusion & mobile financial services
• Big data and artificial intelligence
• Blockchains and distributed ledger technologies
• Data regulation and data protection
• The ‘5G myth’

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